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  • Try out this colorful collection of over 50 fast science experiments for kids! Perfect for kids of all ages and abilities, these quick science experiments take five minutes or less to complete!
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Rainbow Unicorn Toothpaste Science Experiment

Learn about exothermic reactions, catalysts, chemical reactions, and color mixing with this fun and simple rainbow science experiment! Perfect for a unicorn-lover who wants to make magical rainbow unicorn toothpaste or for a rainbow-themed playdate or classroom party. This is jaw-dropping fun that will amaze [...]

Super Cool Experiments with Dry Ice

Gather your junior scientists together and get ready for some bubbly, foggy, and magical fun with dry ice! If you are looking for an unforgettable way to introduce your students to scientific concepts such as changing states of matter, how pressure is related to temperature, acids/bases, [...]

Candy Math and Science

Sometimes around Halloween and Christmas we end up with way more candy than I want my kids eating. Luckily, candy isn't just for eating anymore! Using the fantastic ideas below you can do science experiments with candy, engineer candy STEM projects, and play candy math [...]