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Paper Circuit Cards | Technology for Kids

Making paper circuit cards is the perfect union of science, technology, art, and design. For that reason, this activity fits perfectly into any STEAM or STEM curriculum at school, for library events, or just for fun at home. Let kids unleash their creativity as [...]

Flying Cupids | Static Electricity for Valentine’s Day

Playing and experimenting with static electricity provides children with some of their earliest hands-on physics lessons. This is an easy Valentine's Day STEM activity where the kids make Cupid fly using static electricity. Get your balloons and your crazy hair ready! Valentine's Day [...]

Inflate a Balloon | Cool Dry Ice Experiments

I am always on the lookout for interesting, engaging, and exciting ways to teach my kids. Designing an experiment to inflate a balloon with dry ice is the perfect dry ice experiment for kids to have a ton of fun while learning about scientific [...]

Round Ups to Do

Round Up Key Words: dry ice experiments 6.6 DONE red cabbage indicator (ph indicator) (red cabbage ph indicator) 2.5 why does salt melt ice (how does salt melt ice) 11.6 rainbow paper 3.1 kitchen science (kitchen science experiments) 2.5 simple experiments for kids (easy experiments [...]

Valentine’s Science and Icy Art

Creating colorful ice hearts is the perfect creative Valentines science activity to do with kids of all ages. This vibrant Valentine's Day STEM project works great whether you are planning a class party or just looking for an easy and fun activity to do at [...]

20 Must-Try Valentine STEM Activities

It's easy to get kids engaged in educational activities when they have a fun theme! We have gathered a collection of the best Valentine's Day STEM activities for kids from all over the web. In this post you will find ideas for Valentine's Day [...]

Valentine’s Day Science | Magic Milk Hearts

Magic milk is one of our favorite science activities because of the endless possibilities for creation. Magic milk hearts is a Valentine's Day science activity that is irresistible! The kids love watching the colors erupt, scatter, and mix. It is sometimes unpredictable, which makes [...]

5 Super Cool Winter Science Experiments

This winter, gather your budding scientists together and get ready for a winter science extravaganza! If you spend time with children in a classroom or at home you need to add my new ebook, 5 SUPER COOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS, to your library. It is jam-packed [...]

Snow Density Science Experiment for Kids

The winter months are a natural time to learn and play with ice and snow. This snow density science experiment is a fun and easy STEM activity to add to our collection of winter science experiments. Simply gather snow in a jar, watch it [...]

Giant Dry Ice Bubble Crystal Ball

We absolutely LOVE doing dry ice experiments for Halloween parties or just for fun. A fun and easy experiment to do is to make a giant dry ice bubble that looks exactly like a magical crystal ball. Who knows, you may be able to see [...]

Straw Boats: Engineering Challenge for Kids

Some of our favorite activities to do on inside days are simple STEM challenges. This straw boats engineering challenge is so easy and simple, but it's also engaging and fun. On rainy days we like to construct straw boats inside and then take them [...]

Color Changing Sensory Bottle

A color changing science experiment is always exciting and engaging to do with kids. This color changing sensory bottle is extra special because it is heat sensitive. Children can gauge what the temperature is based on the color of the bottle, plus they will learn [...]

Oil and Water Experiment for Kids

Kids in preschool and kindergarten will love doing this hands-on oil and water experiment! It is an easy science experiment to set up and clean up, it smells great, and it yields colorful results. Learn about density and the basics of chemical bonds, plus have [...]

Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Autumn is the perfect time to get outside with the kids to do a fall nature scavenger hunt. We love to grab a bucket and go searching around the neighborhood for interesting leaves, sticks, rocks, and nuts. There is so much to see and learn [...]

Soda Geyser | Diet Coke and Dry Ice Experiment

By now we are all familiar with the incredible soda pop eruption that happens when Mentos candies are added to Diet Coke. Creating a soda geyser is a must-do science experiment for kids and teachers everywhere. After reading the explanation of the science behind the [...]

Separate Salt and Pepper with Static Electricity

Doing simple science experiments is a great way to get students excited and interested in new topics. There are so many quick and easy experiments to do with static electricity, but using a plastic spoon to separate salt and pepper is one of the best. [...]

14 Sun Science Experiments to do this Summer

With the solar eclipse fast approaching this August, we have been learning about and experimenting with the sun all summer. In this article we are sharing 14 amazing hands-on sun science experiments for kids. These are fantastic to do during the summer, for a space [...]

Kids Coding With Scratch Jr

Get your child started on the world’s most popular educational coding language! Scratch is a coding platform for kids that uses a building-block interface to make coding intuitive. It may be just a touch too old to be useful for coding for kindergarten, so getting [...]

Film Canister Rocket Fireworks Painting

Create colorful art while doing an exciting science experiment! Making film canister rocket fireworks is the perfect way to add a little bit of art into a fun STEM activity. At the end of this article you will find several more patriotic science activities [...]

Exploding Baggie Dry Ice Science Experiment

The exploding baggie science trick is always a huge crowd-pleaser. Add dry ice to this classic science experiment and it's an instant hit! The exploding baggie dry ice experiment is an easy and exciting way to teach kids about pressure and changing states of [...]

Coding With a Board Game: Robot Turtles

Teach young children to code through a simple board game and learn a few Robot Turtles variations in the process! Getting very young children a head start into the world of computers and coding can be a juggling act. On one hand, the computer can [...]

Pirate Treasure Greater Than Less Than Activity

Some math concepts are more difficult for kids to grasp than others. That's why it's so important to provide them with fun hands-on ways to practice! This free pirate treasure greater than less than activity is perfect for kindergarten and first grade math centers, [...]

Principles of Coding on the Playground

What are the best games to teach very young kids about coding? In the rush to teach our children science, technology, engineering, and math (and STEM is what we’re all about here at Science Kiddo), sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves. You may [...]

A Quick Way To Teach Kids HTML Through FreeCodeCamp

Teach your kindergartner basic HTML code on a free website! It’s no secret that parents and teachers are interested in teaching their kids to code as early as possible, but it can be tricky! Fortunately for educators interested in [[coding for kindergarten]], FreeCodeCamp’s Hour of [...]

Robot Mommy Coding Game

This simple activity will teach your child the basics of coding—and it’s hilarious. It’s a truism of teaching youngsters: some of them don’t want to sit still. There solutions for kinetic learners in so many different areas of study, but not terribly much in the [...]

Dry Ice Film Canister Rocket

Making a film canister rocket is a thrilling science experiment to teach children about pressure, states of matter, and chemical reactions. There is nothing better than the anticipation of waiting for a film canister rocket to take off at any moment! This time we [...]

Coding For Kids YouTube Video Roundup

These YouTube videos will teach and inspire your child to code. You’ve got the board games, the coloring books, the printouts. You’ve done the tutorials and you’ve learned a bit of coding yourself. You are patched deep into the world of [[coding for kindergarten]], but [...]

A Walkthrough For Teaching Kids To Code

Teach kids to code, just by talking to them—with downloadable lesson guide. So you've finally admitted it—it’s time to teach your child or student to code. Only one problem: how? Teaching [[coding for kindergarten]] is a challenge for many reasons, not the least of which [...]

CSS Coloring Book

These fun printable coloring pages teach your kids the fundamentals of an important web coding language. One thing we take as an article of faith here at the Science Kiddo is that every child learns in a different way. This can be a small problem [...]

Learn To Teach Coding

Learn how to code so that you can teach your child to code. We all realize the importance of computer literacy, to the point where there’s a whole online world of [[coding for kindergarten]]: games, toys, and all the rest, teaching the littlest ones how [...]

How I Taught Myself To Code In Kindergarten

My innate kiddo curiosity pushed me to learn to code, and can help your little learner too! You might have this problem: your child or student is very interested in computers, so you’ve done all the [[coding for kindergarten]] stuff. Unfortunately, you’ve run out of [...]

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment for Kids

Use leftover Easter egg dye or cups of colored vinegar to create bright and colorful process art while doing a fun and easy kitchen science experiment. This baking soda and vinegar experiment engages kids' creativity and imagination and is perfect for ages 4-8. Setting [...]

Animal Alphabet Flashcards

These amazing interactive animal alphabet flashcards add a huge WOW factor to learning the alphabet! Pair the cards with the free app and the animals come to life! Learn about animals from A to Z, watch them eat, hear the sounds they make, watch [...]

Sprout a Bean Seed in a Bag

Growing a bean seed in a bag is an easy and engaging way for young children to learn some of their first lessons in plant biology! Each day they can check the progress of their seed and watch as it changes from a tiny [...]

How Arctic Animals Stay Warm

Learning about how arctic animals stay warm in temperatures well below freezing is fascinating. This hands-on kitchen science experiment gives kids a very corporeal understanding of how animals like polar bears, penguins, seals, whales, and walruses have adapted to live in some of the [...]

14 Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Kids

This Valentine’s Day gather your little scientists together and get ready for some heart-filled science fun! If you teach in a classroom or at home you need to add our new ebook, 14 Super Cool Valentine's Day Science Activities, to your library of Valentine's Day [...]

Snow Science | Expanding Snowman

How many times have you been stuck inside with the kids on a cold winter's day? Take advantage of those days to do some awesome snow science while staying cozy inside! In this post you will discover how to make a snowman that magically [...]

Guest Post for Kara Carrero

Children are natural scientists. They are constantly exploring, experimenting, hypothesizing, testing and explaining. There is nothing better to get their minds engaged at home than a hands-on science experiment. However, sometimes it can be intimidating for parents to pull together a science experiment! Many parents [...]

How to Teach Early Childhood Education

With 10 Experiments to Get You StartedInquiry-based instructional approaches, which are guided by the teacher, seem to offer the most effective way for young children to engage with and learn science concepts.Meaningful science activities, which are relevant to children's daily lives, allow children to make [...]

Biking Safely with Kids

I also want to touch on the issue of the safety of biking with kids. When I started biking with our kids Grandma was panicked that it was dangerous and that we were all going to die. While accidents do happen, I want to argue [...]

How to Homeschool: Where to Start

As a homeschooler I often get asked by friends how to homeschool. This is a complicated question. The way a family chooses to homeschool is as personal a decision as choosing a religion or choosing a career path. I can tell you what I do, [...]

Gifts for Dad | Geek Edition

The other day we were at the science museum browsing the gift shop when I realized that it is a store perfectly tailored to my husband and other geek dads out there. My kids brought countless gifts for dad to me, all of which I [...]

I Know Why They Grow Up So Fast

You know how people always look at your babies and small children and say, "Oh my, they grow up so fast, don't they?" And then one day you look at your babies and small children and wonder where the time went. You can hardly remember [...]

Gingerbread House Building | STEM for Kids

The kids will love this simple gingerbread house STEM project! Create engineering masterpieces by designing and building unique and edible structures. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. The holiday season calls for gingerbread, and lots of it! This gingerbread [...]

No-Fail Slow Cooker Gluten Free Chili

Cook up a batch of easy slow cooker gluten free chili this winter! This chili is healthy, hearty, and easy to make. Make it gluten free and vegan, too! This no-fail gluten free chili is the one recipe that I am really, truly proud [...]

Write and Wipe Math Cards | Bobbing for Apples

Make your own bobbing for apples math game using these free write and wipe math cards. Great for use practicing math facts, sight words, spelling, and more! *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. With summer coming to an end [...]

Hatch Your Own Pokemon Eggs

Use a classic science experiment to make and hatch Pokemon eggs using simple kitchen supplies. The perfect STEM activity for Pokémon fans everywhere! *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. My kids have been completely Pokémon-crazed since the release [...]

Teach Kids Binary in One Simple Step

Easily teach kids binary using a free binary app and fun binary puzzles! Kids learn and practice binary in a fun, creative, and hands-on way. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. A computer science education is literacy for the [...]

Salt Water Experiment | Ocean Science for Kids

This super easy salt water experiment is the perfect kitchen science experiment to teach kids about the density of salt versus fresh water. With summer approaching and beach trips planned it's a great time to learn about how salty ocean water is different from fresh [...]

Magic Hidden Treasure Molds

What kid doesn't LOVE searching for magic hidden treasure? Add frothy, foamy, colorful bubbles and this science activity for kids is irresistible! What kid doesn't love hunting for hidden treasure? Add a colorful fizzy chemical reaction on top of the hunt and you have [...]

10 Helpful Phrases to Say After Miscarriage

10 Helpful phrases to say after miscarriage in addition to other practical advice about what to do and what to avoid after a friend has a miscarriage. "BEN, I'M LOSING THE BABY!" I screamed in frantic desperation. I wanted him to come rescue me, [...]

Kids’ Color Mixing App

Science Kiddo's own fun and simple kids Color Mixing App makes learning about your computer's colors as easy as R-G-B! Color mixing science for kids. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Hi, everyone, it’s the Science Dad (Ben) here, [...]


Magic M Color Mixing Paint Counting Sorting Adding Subtracting Patterns

I found myself running sprints up and down the driveway for both physical and mental exercise. Each sprint represented one month. As I ran back to the starting position I would yell, "September!" and then start on my October sprint, on and on until I [...]

Blow Dart Painting

We love creating art in all types of ways using all kinds of materials. In the past we have created art using milk, painted on ice, and used our salad spinner to make spin art decorations. Today we invented a new way to make art: [...]

Leprechaun Ice Cream for St. Patrick’s Day

This St. Patrick's Day surprise your kids with tasty leprechaun ice cream at the end of the rainbow. Making this sweet treat also teaches them cool science! *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. This St. Patrick's Day surprise your [...]

28 Days of STEM Giveaway!

During the month of February I participated in an awesome blog series called 28 Days of Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids. Every day during February more than 25 bloggers shared over 60 ideas for science, technology, engineering, and math activities. To celebrate this awesome series [...]

Screen-Free Coding for Preschool and Kindergarten

Screen-free and hands-on activities to teach coding for preschool and kindergarten. Play board games, make binary code jewelry, and invent secret spy codes. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. I keep hearing about teaching young children, even preschoolers, to [...]

Salt Dough Valentines | Spin Art Heart Magnets

Because many of our friends have dietary restrictions we decided to hand out non candy valentines this year. The salt dough valentines we created are unique, bright, and colorful. They cost almost nothing to make and they are useful and pretty, too! The kids [...]

Fishing for LEGO Ice Minifigures

Be a superhero and rescue the LEGO ice minifigures from drowning in freezing water using science! Learn why salt melts ice and engage in imaginative play. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. HELP! The LEGO minifigures are drowning in [...]

Snow Paint | Winter Color Mixing Science

When it snows, the kids want to go outside and play. This is wonderful for a few minutes, but inevitably everyone gets cold fingers and toes and we end up right back inside. By making snow paint we have found a way to bring [...]

Fizzy Snow | Process Art and Science

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Too wet to go out, And too cold to play ball, So we sat in the house, We did nothing at all. The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss If the weather has [...]

Easy Fake Snow | Sensory Science for Kids

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Now you can play in the snow year-round, inside, no matter where you live. It's easy to make your own fake snow whenever you get the craving for winter play. All you need is [...]

Glitter Glow in the Dark Ornaments

Who says the Christmas tree has to be dark when the Christmas lights go off? How about decorating the tree this year with these super-easy-to-make glow in the dark ornaments? In the light they are sparkly white, in the dark they continue to shimmer and [...]

Gumdrop Graphs | Candy Math

This week we did a very simple math activity as part of our special Gumdrop STEM blog hop. My kids are currently five and two years old, respectively, so I wanted to do a simple home learning activity without too many tricky parts. Luckily for [...]

Candy Cane Play Snow | Winter Sensory Fun

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Winter...Frost outside, fire in the fireplace, soup on the stove, the scents of evergreen and peppermint in the air. We are finding ourselves inside a lot more these days, grateful to be cozy and [...]

Borax Crystal Nature Ornaments | Christmas Science

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. This season we have made so many fun Christmas decorations with the kids! Things that we are proud to display around our house like Christmas window gel clings and our snowy snowman. After we [...]

Construction Play With Bunchems | Creative Building

The benefits of building, engineering, and construction play are well established. Kids that engage in this kind of play enhance problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and spacial skills, as well as develop a heightened capacity for creative, divergent thinking. There may also be [...]

Paper Fliers | Rainy Day Boredom Busters

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. With cold and rainy weather upon us it's essential to have some go-to rainy day activities for inside play and learning! This Spring we did an outdoor engineering challenge with paper airplanes where we [...]

Easy Borax Crystal Ornaments | Christmas Science

Easily make your own borax crystal ornaments for Christmas this year. They only require two ingredients and they turn out shiny, sparkly, and gorgeous. These borax crystal ornaments make awe-inspiring homemade gifts for friends and neighbors. Plus, the kids can do a fun winter science [...]

Glow in the Dark LEGO Minifigures

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. It was early. As I navigated my way through the dark room to get to the computer it happened again. I doubled over, holding my foot while I screamed out in pain, cursing all [...]


My three-year-old looked up at me with her irresistible big blue eyes and asked, "Mommy, why is he sleeping in the park?" Since moving to the city I have received many questions like this: "Why are they sleeping in tents on the sidewalk?" "Why is [...]

Spin Art Spiderwebs

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Salad spinners aren't just for leafy greens anymore. This week we plastered our salad spinner with a rainbow of colored paint. We made inexpensive Halloween decorations with it. We learned science with it. We [...]

Spooky Levitating Puppets | Halloween Science

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Sometimes I feel like Halloween gets a little bit dark and scary for my young kiddos. Even an innocent trip to the grocery store puts them face-to-face with creepy statues, scary sound recordings, and [...]

The Naked Egg Experiment | Biology for Kids

Doing the naked egg experiment is the perfect kitchen science experiment to teach kids how the cells in their body work. Kids will get an inside look into a raw egg by using common kitchen supplies to dissolve the shell right off of it! [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Early STEM Education

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. "Scientists and children belong together because they are the best learners in the universe." The Scientist in the Crib: What Early Learning Tells Us About the Mind We want our kids to get [...]

Glow in the Dark Lava Lamp

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. I guarantee you have never made a lava lamp quite like this before! Get ready to entertain the kiddos with this unique glow in the dark lava lamp that looks like a whirling glowing [...]

Rainy Day Activities | Indoor Bubbles

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Stuck inside? Are the kids restless? You have already pulled out all their favorite toys, dress-ups, watched a movie, and baked a snack together. Now what? I've got a secret weapon that is sure [...]

First Day of Homeschool 2015

This year we began our six-year-old's first grade year in the shadows of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Obama even made a cameo in a noisy helicopter in the sky. Our kids are curious, inquisitive, self-motivated, and ahead of their grade levels in [...]

Witches’ Brew | Halloween Science for Kids

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Planning a Halloween party this year and need some spooky activities to do? Or just looking for some light-hearted Halloween science experiments to do with the kids? I've got one to add to your [...]

DIY Glow in the Dark Window Gel Clings

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Nothing says Halloween quite like glow in the dark window gel clings. They make the ideal decoration for parties and they are really easy to make yourself! I found some glow in the dark [...]

Marker Chromatography | Art and Science

Many of our favorite activities are those that combine the magic of science with the flare and creativity of art. Marker chromatography is an easy learning activity that lets the kids create beautiful artwork that can displayed as-is or made into stunning little crafts. It [...]

Top 10 Summer Science Activities for Kids

With summer drawing to a close for many families we wanted to sneak in some fabulous summer science before it's too late! Here are the best and brightest summer science ideas to help you make the most of your summer. Escape the Heat with Summer [...]

Learn With Play

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. BIG NEWS! The Science Kiddo is in a book! I have published exactly two books during my lifetime. The first book was my thesis for my master's degree. The title was Photocycloaddition of Allenes [...]

Summer Ice Slush | Simple Science

Did you know you can make your own delicious ice slush drink without the help of a freezer or a blender? My kids think it so fun to make their own slushy at home 🙂 This is the ideal kitchen science experiment to do [...]

LEGO Summer | Beach Camping Adventure

We just got back from a trip to the beach that didn't go exactly as planned. Have you ever had a vacation like that? I'm guessing you have. Luckily we brought along a secret weapon that literally saved our sanity. It's no secret that [...]

Beach Trip to Florence, Oregon

A couple of weekends ago we spent some time at a friend's beach house in Florence, Oregon. We were expecting a relaxing weekend on the beach. Ya know, sand toys, bubbles, a good book, maybe dabbling in the water. Suntans and swimming suits. Beach stuff. [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplane Fun & Learning

There is something irresistible, to kids and adults alike, about paper airplane fun. Once a child learns how to fold and fly a paper airplane, church programs, bus tickets, brochures, and junk mail will spontaneously become small flying toys. Paper airplanes are fantastic for both [...]

Easy Summer Science Experiment for Kids

Sometimes science experiments are complicated and require a lot of materials and detailed instructions. However, science experiments can also be incredibly simple while being just as fun and interesting. With summer fast approaching, today I am sharing an easy summer science experiment that is enjoyable [...]

Build Your Own Cafe | Money Math Practice

Practice money math by setting up your own store or restaurant! Great practice with money math, counting change, adding, subtracting, and store etiquette. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. One of my five-year-old's favorite things to do is to [...]

Simple and Fast Science Experiments

A collection of fast science experiments for busy parents and kids! These simple and fast science experiments are easy to set up, execute, and clean up. You want to do a fun science experiment with your child, but your child has the attention span [...]

Magnet Powered Car | Playful Science

Make science fun and playful by making a magnet powered car! Make a road and see if you can push/pull your car in the right direction without touching it. This fun and easy five-minute science experiment is easy to set up, but provides kids [...]

Cargo Bike vs Bike Trailer for Kids

Learn about the differences between a bike trailer and a cargo bike to get your kids and/or gear around town! Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. During the first 14 months of [...]

Frosty Homemade Ice Cream

Use the power of science to make homemade ice cream in a bag! This sweet treat is ready in less than 10 minutes without requiring any special equipment or ingredients. Making homemade ice cream is a tasty addition to our growing list of fun [...]

The New Science Kiddo + Giveaway

Hi Guys! I am unbelievably excited to roll out our new website. This has taken a huge amount of time and work. A special thanks is due to my beautiful sister-in-law, Sadie, who designed everything from the logo to the layout of the website. She [...]

Why is Early Science Education Important?

"...Research shows that babies and young children know and learn more about the world than we could ever have imagined. They think, draw conclusions, make predictions, look for explanations, and even do experiments. Scientists and children belong together because they are the best learners in [...]

Encourage your kids to love science

Be PatientLet them truly experiment - they don't have to follow the rulesBe OK if it doesn't turn out the way it was "supposed" toGet outside!Get a fun book like 100 Science Experiments

4 Must-Have Science Materials for Kids

People who know that we homeschool and that I have an advanced degree in chemistry often ask me what science materials we use for our children. As you know, my kids are still very young (5 and 2, respectively), and I don't like to spend [...]

Natural Egg Dye + Acid/Base Chemistry

Make your own natural egg dye using red cabbage. Learn amazing acid/base chemistry by painting your eggs with various household materials. *This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. One of the things I anticipate most about this spring season is dying [...]

Make Your Own pH Indicator Using Red Cabbage

Whether or not you like to eat red cabbage, you are going to love doing science with it by making your own red cabbage pH indicator. This is an amazing kitchen science experiment that turns solutions different colors as if by magic! Making a [...]

Magic Milk | Process Art and Science for Kids

Creating magic milk is an awesome kitchen science experiment and art project for kids to do! It is simple to set up and provides children with a blank canvas on which to create, color, experiment, and learn. Magic Milk as Process Art Process art [...]

Rainbow Paper | Color Science for Kids

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful natural wonders. They are created in the sky when just the right combination of rain and sunshine mix. Sunlight is reflected off of raindrops in the air, making the light we usually think of as "white" split into [...]

DIY Fire Extinguisher | Baking Soda and Vinegar

In this DIY fire extinguisher science experiment kids will mix two simple kitchen ingredients together to make a small flame go out. This is a quick and impressive kitchen science experiment that will not be forgotten! Why does a candle go out when you blow [...]

Valentine’s Day Window Clings

Did you know that you can make your own gorgeous Valentine's Day window clings? Customize the color, shape, and texture using 100% nontoxic ingredients to make the most squishy, translucent, and colorful window gel clings! In addition to making a beautiful Valentine's Day decoration, [...]

Ice Art | Winter Science

Kids will love this quick and easy ice art activity! In addition to creating beautiful process art, kids will learn about the interaction between ice and salt as they do this simple kitchen science experiment. The moment I saw these beautiful ice art creations from [...]

Party Cloud Dough | Glittery Fizz

Welcome to the most awesome sensory play this side of the Mississippi. It is soft and moldable, yet dry and crumbly. It is made of just two ingredients. After the kids are done shaping it and using it for imaginative sensory play, you can add [...]

The Big Leap | City Living with Kids

It's amazing how one tiny decision can change your life. Last week I talked about how we gave up our car, almost on a whim, and bought bikes and transit passes instead. After a year of carfree living in the suburbs we decided to take [...]

The Day I Gave Up on Homeschool

Have you ever had one of those days? Ya know, the kind of day where you wonder why in the world you ever thought it was a good idea to homeschool? Or why you thought it was a good idea to have kids in the [...]

Borax Crystal Snowman | Winter Science Craft

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. We made the most adorable sparkly borax crystal snowman this week. He would be perfect sitting on a mantel or as a table centerpiece. Not only is he cute, but he is educational as [...]

The Best of Saturday Science 2014

Today we are doing something fun for our Saturday Science Linkup. I mean, Saturday Science is always fun, but today it is extra special. Today everyone who hosts this fun linkup will be highlighting their most popular Saturday Science posts from the entire year of [...]

Soda Can Submarine | Diving and Surfacing

Try this experiment with a soda can submarine to find out how a real submarine dives and surfaces. This is a quick and easy kitchen science experiment that the kids will want to repeat over and over again! Making a Soda Can Submarine *This [...]

Why Salt Melts Ice | Easy Science for Kids

Fishing for ice is a fun, easy, and quick kitchen science experiment for kids of all ages. Learn how salt melts ice and why people spread salt on their icy stairs and walkways during the winter. Why Salt Melts Ice Usually water freezes at 32° [...]

Spirograph | Math Fun for Kids

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Kids learn by playing. I had a pediatrician turn to my oldest son when he was four and tell him, "Your most important job is to play, OK?" As kids play their brains pick [...]

Why Don’t Water and Oil Mix? | Colorful Bombs

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Want an easy science experiment that will keep your preschooler's mind and hands busy for awhile? Well, here it is! I don't know any kid that can resist the fun of food coloring, especially [...]

LEGO Math | Place Value

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. We love playing with LEGO at our house. My son asks for new LEGO sets for every birthday and Christmas and then builds and rebuilds his creations during quiet time. I have recently harnessed [...]

Candy Math and Science

Sometimes we end up with way more candy than I want my kids eating. Luckily, candy isn't just for eating anymore! Using the fantastic ideas below you can now use candy to do kitchen science experiments, build complex structures, and play candy math games! [...]

Foam Block Engineering Challenge

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. Today I have a very simple engineering activity for you to try. We love to play with blocks, LEGO, and ZOOB at our house - anything that gets the kids thinking creatively, critically, and [...]

Slime Science

You are constantly telling your child not to pick their nose. But who can resist rolling something sticky, wet, and squishy between their fingers? I've got a solution that will satisfy both kids and parents. Slime It's an incredible sensory experience for the kids as [...]

Which Witch is a Real Witch?

A Lesson in Density and the Middle Ages Our experiment today involves three suspected witches. We are going to scientifically determine how many of these suspected witches are actual, real life witches through the phenomenon of the floating egg. This experiment was inspired by [...]

Bubble Prints

As a follow up to our dry ice experiments post, I wanted to show you how to do bubble prints without the need for dry ice. I like the way the dry ice bubbles are so big and plentiful, but you can certainly make some [...]

7 Ways to Play with Dry Ice + Water

We are totally getting our mad scientist on up in here. Bwha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Last year we made our Magic Bubbling Potion with dry ice and water for the first time, which was a huge hit. This year we added even more fun. SEVEN TIMES the [...]

Halloween Window Gel Clings

*This post contains affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy. My house still says it is spring, but the cooler weather, the changing leaves, and my five-year-old say it is fall. Yikes. Time to pull out some autumn and Halloween decorations! Back in April [...]

You Can Learn Anything

How many times has somebody praised you for being smart or for being good at something? How does it feel? When I was a kid I was known for being good at lots of things. I was athletic. I was smart, always at the top [...]

Mentos + Diet Coke

Ready for a fun and sticky explosion? You have come to right place. This is one of the most popular demos to do since Steve Spangler popularized it in 2005. The materials are cheap and accessible. The explosion is impressive. Give it a try for [...]

Homeschool Schedule

I finally sat down and made a really complicated schedule for our homeschool days. Are you ready to hear it? It's really crazy. 30 minutes of reading 30 minutes of math 30 minutes of science/art or whatever other project we want to do And look, [...]

Why We Homeschool

Whew, the big question, right? Why we homeschool. We get asked this all the time. I have written and rewritten this article at least three times now. Sometimes it's really difficult to pinpoint exactly why you do the things you do. I think my answer [...]