Learn about the differences between a bike trailer and a cargo bike to get your kids and/or gear around town! Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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During the first 14 months of our carfree lifestyle I used a trailer to haul our kids around town. About one year ago I descended the rabbit hole of family biking and decided to buy a brand new cargo bike. People ask me all the time which I like better and why we switched to a cargo bike. Today I am going to address this issue of cargo bike vs. bike trailer for kids. I’ll start with the bike trailer since that is what we started with.

Bike Trailer for Kids

(Please note, my only experience with a bike trailer is with the Chariot Cougar 2. It is top of the line, high quality stuff. It’s the only trailer I recommend for families who are biking more than just to the park and back on sunny weekends. The Chariot Cougar 2 is for families who are serious about using it as a primary mode of transportation. If you are looking for a trailer to use just a few times a year, I am guessing anything will do. Please note: the bike trailer kit must be purchased separately from the chassis.)