Kids love doing hands-on science experiments. Add the magic of bubbly, foggy dry ice to really knock their socks off and make your science lessons memorable! This collection of fun dry ice experiments is safe, exciting, and downright amazing! Plus, each experiment teaches important concepts such as changing states of matter, cloud formation, density, solubility, the pH scale, pressure vs. temperature, and properties of gases. Dive in below!

This collection of cool dry ice experiments for kids is safe, fun, and downright magical. Each science experiment teaches important concepts through bubbly fun!

*Safety Alert* Dry ice is relatively safe, but it can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Please see our dry ice safety FAQs for more information about safety, storage, and handling.

Dry Ice Experiments with Water

We’ve all seen how dry ice bubbles and smokes in warm water. Just plopping a chunk of dry ice into water can be entertainment enough! The dry ice science experiments below take dry ice in water to another level by both thrilling students and teaching them important science concepts along the way.