What kid doesn’t LOVE searching for magic hidden treasure? Add frothy, foamy, colorful bubbles and this science activity for kids is irresistible!

What kid doesn’t love hunting for hidden treasure? Add a colorful fizzy chemical reaction on top of the hunt and you have an activity that will keep the kids entertained all afternoon.

It was love at first sight when I came across these exploding treasure chests from Fun-A-Day and these magic treasure rocks from Growing a Jeweled Rose. Inspired by these fun activities, I came up with our own summer-themed magic hidden treasure molds.

What kid doesn

Magic Hidden Treasure Molds

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Wax Paper

Baking Sheet

Cookie Cutters

Baking Soda


Liquid Water Colors

Plastic Treasures (We bought our plastic jewels from the Dollar Store. You could also use plastic beads or coins!)


Liquid Dish Soap