Creating magic milk is an awesome kitchen science experiment and art project for kids to do! It is simple to set up and provides children with a blank canvas on which to create, color, experiment, and learn.

Call it magic milk, milk fireworks, color changing milk, or tie-dye milk. Whatever you name it, give this super easy process science/art activity a try!

Magic Milk as Process Art

Process art is about the journey of creation with minimal focus on the end product. Process science is similar. It is about creating, mixing, hypothesizing, tweeking, testing, retesting, and learning through it all. There is not necessarily a final product and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Every time we do magic milk I am impressed with the new variations my kids come up with and the new ways they choose to carry out their ideas. This time they added glitter, mixed colors, and developed interesting shapes and patterns.

Getting Magic Milk Ready

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We headed to the kitchen to gather the following supplies:

  • Milk (we used whole since that is wha