Gather your mad scientists together and get ready for some foggy, bubbly, magical fun! 8 Super Cool Dry Ice Science Experiments is an ebook that contains amazing hands-on, colorful projects that will thrill kids ages 5-10. All of the activities are suitable for the classroom or at home, for small groups or large classroom demonstrations alike. Give your students some of their first lessons in chemistry, thermodynamics, acids and bases, density, solubility, and changing states of matter while using the impressive theatrics of dry ice! Each activity includes a list of supplies, thorough directions, and a brief explanation of the science behind the experiment. Also included with each activity is a printable worksheet that is meant to help students process the information they learn during each science experiment. The Dry Ice Science Experiments included in this ebook are:
  • Dry Ice versus Wet Ice
  • Dry Ice Vapor Exploration
  • Cloud in a Bag
  • Bubble Volcano
  • Lava Lamp
  • Red Cabbage Acid/Base Experiment
  • Balloon in a Bottle
  • Collapsing Plastic Bottle
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